Monday, January 08, 2007

Product Placement

Oh, I almost forgot another new title that I picked up over Christmas: DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist's Product Placement DVD.

Yeah, I know the DVD came out in 2004, and the tour was in 2001. But with all of the iPod-twiddling of celebuDJs like DJ AM and Steve Fucking Aoki, it's refreshing to watch/hear two accomplished turntablists showcasing the art form of DJ'ing. The entire show -- which I saw live at the Fillmore in San Francisco in 2001 -- features DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist mixing nothing but 7" wax. Beyond the feat of manipulating the smaller-form 45s as a true DJ should -- you know, scratching and cross-fading -- the music they select is infectious, old-skool and hilarious, including a sweet rapstructional on "Cooking With Gas".

It was amazing live, it's amazing to listen to, and fun to watch as they compile footage from the Product Placement's tour stops in Tokyo, the UK, LA, San Francisco and NYC. Like Mix Master Mike, who's as entertaining to watch as he is to listen to, DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist actually perform as DJs, rather than head-bob mindlessly behind an iBook.

The DVD also comes with the companion CD, all for just $24.99. Discogs has a pretty good track listing of some of the amazing cuts featured during their 5-city tour.


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