Wednesday, December 06, 2006

ShuffleLog 5-Dec-06: Something Old, Something New

I'd like to welcome another new guest ShuffleLogger: my old iPod.

During an action-packed weekend back in NorCal (read: 17 straight hours of drinking on Saturday), I got the chance to visit one of my favorite record stores on the planet: Amoeba Music on Telegraph in Berkeley. Always a chance to stock up on new stuff, despite the fact that I always forget what I want to buy the second I cross the threshhold.

Here's what the haul netted:
  1. Junior Boys, So This Is Goodbye
  2. Sufjan Stevens, Greetings From Michigan - The Great Lake State
  3. Lady Sovereign, Public Warning
  4. Gym Class Heroes, As Cruel As School Children
  5. Tenacious D, The Pick Of Destiny
  6. DJ Shadow, The Outsider
I haven't listened to any of this yet, except for Gym Class Heroes, who I failed to realize have a few tracks on the Snakes On A Plane soundtrack. Guess I should have bought that $5 pirated DVD on the 3 train a while back. As Cruel As School Children is a pretty cool record, although I've only given it one run-through. The mix if musical styles coupled with hip-hop is really fresh and catchy without being cliche. However, the lyrics on a few tracks seem to be pretty wack, especially "New Friend Request", which deals with the vagaries of asking some chick to add you to their Friends list on MySpace. Um, yeah.

After returning home, I immediately wanted to rip the new stuff and listen to it on the way to work. But the nano's 4GB was in no shape to accomodate 6 new records at once, and I didn't want a wholesale change in the music composition that's been powering ShuffleLog.

So I decided to trot out my old 2nd generation 20GB iPod. You know, the one with the crappy touch-sensitive buttons that don't "click", with the row of controls above the scrollwheel. Mine always seemed to freeze up and crap out when I lugged it on runs, and the battery life is shite. But damn, it's got 3147 songs on it, 5x what's on the nano.

And while I only got a chance to load Gym Class Heroes on the 20 gig, I lugged it out anyway to see what it would serve up as a ShuffleLog. After fumbling around trying to find the Shuffle setting that I'd never used on it before (it's buried in the menus, rather than its own option in the main menu), I finally got it to shuffle.

Here's what we got:

ShuffleLog 5-Dec-06
  1. Chemical Brothers, "Leave Home" - Gone In 60 Seconds Soundtrack
  2. The Lovemakers, "Is It Alright?" - Times of Romance
  3. Oakland Faders, "Track 38" - Fader Nation Vol. 1
Outstanding. Drag out the old iPod, still get a friggin' Faders track. And a repeat, at that. As well as ShuffleLog darlings The Lovemakers (13 appearances in 276 tracks to date).

In the interest of full disclosure, there were also 3 other electronica tracks that came up on this ShuffleLog. But in its infinite wonkiness, the 20 gig rebooted itself while I was scrolling through the Now Playing list trying to capture the tracks. The 3 above are all I came away with.

Not surprising that some serious Global Underground would come up from the 20 gig. Courtesy of my buddy Sandy, I've got close to their entire back catalog ripped.

The mothership has spoken.


  • GU 029 is out now....

    By Blogger Sanford Owings, at 4:57 PM  

  • I actually had it in my hands when I was in Tower Records a few weeks ago. And I put it back. Any good? If it is, I'll pick it up on their liquidation discount.

    By Blogger Clarence Rosario, at 5:18 PM  

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