Tuesday, December 05, 2006

ShuffleLog 29-Nov-06: The New Skool

Looks like the transfusion isn't getting rejected by the patient, to mix medical metaphors.

Oh, and I finally got a chance to do a non-beanie road test of my new Bose earbuds I've been assaulting you with so much lately. Results? A little disappointing.

I went for a run Wednesday night, knowing that I'd be abusing my body and soul over the weekend at Big Game. It was unseasonably warm, so no need for a knit cap or anything, just the Chinese knock-off Cal camo hat I bought on the street in Berkeley last year. This was the first real test of the earbuds on a run, and while they weren't nearly as shoddy as the stock iPod earbuds, they certainly didn't stay in my ears like I'd expected. I had to adjust them and re-seat them in my ears several times during my run, although the sound quality still came through above my gasping for air. I'm still using the S size silicone tips on the earbuds, so perhaps I need to try another one of the sizes that come with them (M or L). Also, I was wondering if moisture (read: sweat) would cause the silicone to become more slick and therefore more predisposed to dislodging. I'd long lost the spongy black things that the iPod earbuds ship with, but those at least seemed to resist moisture a bit.

Anyway, more testing to come. The upshot? Ever since I watched the end of the New York City Marathon (go, Latvia!), I seemed to have been moderately inspired: twice now I've increased my run by almost 50%, spontaneously, to almost 5.5 miles total from my typical 3.75 miles. Thrice around the Lower Loop.

ShuffleLog 29-Nov-06

  1. Foo Fighters, "Times Like These " - One By One
  2. Outkast, "Chronomentrophobia" - Idlewild
  3. AIR, "All I Need" - Moon Safari
  4. The Beastie Boys, "Gratitude" - The Sounds of Science (Disk 1)
  5. Pixies, "Velouria" - Bossanova
  6. Kasabian, "The Doberman" - Empire
ShuffleLog: now 66% new! Ever since I added some new stuff, ShuffleLog's been slowly breaking it in. Two from Kasabian's Empire, two from J5's Feedback, and now one from Outkast's Idlewild. Not the first time it happened -- when I added Massive Attack's 100th Window back before the rant, it promptly showed up.

I don't know if this is poisoning the experiment or not -- we're still getting plenty of repeats, and trifecas are becoming commonplace, indicating an uncanny affinity for the same stuff and therefore a pattern. But just you wait until next week.


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