Wednesday, November 29, 2006

ShuffleLog 21-Nov-06: Road Test

OK, so now that I'm shilling for Bose, thought I'd update you on these nifty little earbuds. Last night, I took 'em out for a spin. And while I confess that I was cheating a bit -- I was wearing an Oakland A's (traitors!) knit hat on my run because it was so friggin' cold, pulled low over my ears, and it may have helped keep the Bose earbuds more firmly in my ears.

That said, the sound quality on the run was amazing, but not so isolating that I couldn't perceive the taxis creeping up on me in the Park. I've played around with the different sized silicon tips, and settled on the S size for both ears at this point. Seem the most comfortable and stable while running or commuting.

My only observation is that the rubber coating the cords from the earbuds to the iPod is especially tactile. I don't get the sound transference Sandy does with his Shures, but the cords do tend to "grab" onto clothing, the strap of my bag, other people, etc. on my commute. Luckily, I haven't had the traumatizing yank of the earbuds out of my ears when they get tangled on a fellow commuter trying to catch their connection...yet.

ShuffleLog 21-Nov-06
  1. The Beastie Boys, "Hey Fuck You" - To The 5 Boroughs
  2. Tenacious D, "Dio" - Tenacious D
  3. Way Out West, "Apollo" - Don't Look Now (Disk 1)
  4. Gorillaz, "O Green World" - Demon Days
  5. Jurassic 5, "Baby Please" - Feedback
  6. Massive Attack, "Safe From Harm (Perfecto Mix)" - Perfecto Chills Vol. 3 (Disk 1)
Funny, because when I was listening to this ShuffleLog, I was almost convinced it was the home run of solid repeats...until I got to the new J5 track. The mind plays tricks.

That's also a triple (what's with the baseball analogies?) for the Perfecto Mix of Massive Attack's "Safe From Harm". I'm still on the lookout for our next quad.


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