Wednesday, October 04, 2006

ShuffleLog 4-Oct-06: The Trifeca

After a really annoying start -- two short tracks, including the friggin' "Outro" to Same !@#$ Different Day -- we get our first triple.

ShuffleLog ShuffleLog 4-Oct-06
  1. Oakland Faders, "Track 26" - Fader Nation Vol. 1
  2. Lyrics Born, "Outro" - Same !@#$ Different Day
  3. Grayarea, "Yewminyst" - GU024: Reykjavik
  4. Massive Attack, "Exchange" - Mezzanine
  5. Bloc Party, "She's Hearing Voices" - Silent Alarm
  6. Behrouz, "Looking For A Face" - Perfecto Chills Vol. 3 (Disk 1)
  7. Oakland Faders, "Track 33" - Fader Nation Vol. 1
Sure, it's nice to get three tracks from Bay Area artists the morning after the A's took Game 1 of the ALDS. But seriously, "Outro"? Damn.

A triple? "Yewminyst" shows up not only three-friggin'-times, but two days in a row? It now represents 3 of 6 tracks played off of GU024. Of those 6, only three are unique anyway. Considering "Yewminyst" only has a .161% chance of showing up in the first place, it makes up 2.65% of all 113 ShuffleLog songs played to date. There are albums with 10+ tracks that haven't showed up nearly as frequently. Like Same !@#$ Different Day: 16 tracks, or 2.57% of all tracks on my iPod, but only two songs played.

By the way, sports fans, GU024 has 21 tracks on it.


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