Tuesday, October 24, 2006

ShuffleLog 23-Oct-06: The ShuffleLog 200

Time to sponsor one of those cars that go round and round: we've hit 200 on this stretch.

Let's bust out the Cristal, fuck Jay-Z!

ShuffleLog 23-Oct-06
  1. Gorillaz, "DARE" - Demon Days
  2. Kasabian, "Shoot The Runner" - Empire
  3. Morcheeba, "The Music That We Never Hear" - Big Calm
  4. AIR, "Mike Mills" - Talkie Walkie
  5. Paul Oakenfold, "Zoo York" - Perfecto Chills Vol. 3 (Disk 1)
  6. Tenacious D, "City Hall" - Tenacious D
  7. Celestial, "Harijan" - 24:7 (Disk 2)
  8. Gorillaz, "O Green World" - Demon Days
  9. Stereolab, "La Demure" - Margerine Eclipse
  10. Nat Monday, "Waiting" - GU021: Moscow
So, I'd once again mucked with the experiment by adding two new records: Empire, Kasabian's sophomore record, and The Shout Out Louds debut Howl Howl Gaff Gaff, which my brother turned me onto last weeked while I was in the ATL for me mum's birthday. That brings our total track universe to 640 tracks. This doesn't really affect percentages much at all. But the presence of a track from Empire in the first ShuffleLog certainly raises an eyebrow, eh? That didn't even happen when I added 100th Window to my iPod a few weeks ago.

Other than that, we're showing consistent repeats. And I'm suspecting some "clumpiness" to the randomness. As in: repeats, bands, or albums seem to clump together over time. It's not as if we get a CYHSY song consistently, over time. They tend to clump together: 4 songs in 3 days (20-Sept to 22- Sept), then a song each on the 27th and 29th, nothing until 9-Oct, when there were two, and then two on 12-Oct. Clumpy.

If I can make Excel behave, we may need a graph. Oooooooh.


  • You're everywhere!

    In looking over the comments on Gawker re: the Republican DC party scene who do I see, but Clarence!

    Just let me know if you need some help with that chart. Maybe if you get really fancy you can figure out the algorithim for the random setting. People have figured out weirder things .

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:40 AM  

  • Clarence is everywhere. My Gawker commenting priviledge is one of my crowning acheivements of moving to NYC. Yes, I aim low.

    I agree that there's gotta be an algorithm for the Shuffle Songs settings. Damned if I can find one though. And reverse engineering it seems to be ambitious...for someone with an English degree. But, ever forward.

    By Blogger Clarence Rosario, at 8:44 PM  

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