Monday, October 02, 2006

ShuffleLog 2-Oct-06: It's ShuffleLogtober

Having left my iPod sitting around un-charged all weekend, with the battery meter sounding the red klaxon of "Charge Me!", I was unsure if we'd even get a ShuffleLog off today, and instead I'd have to spend my commute listening for the next Overheard In New York candidate.

But I made it, just in time, with a short 6 track playlist.

ShuffleLog 2-Oct-06
  • HRK, "Loveworld (Ulrich Schnauss Instrumental Mix, with HRK)" - Don't Look Now (Disk 2)
  • Starkid, "Crayons" - GU024: Reykjavik
  • Stereolab, "Hillbilly Motobike" - Margerine Eclipse
  • The Streets, "Stay Positive" - Original Pirate Material
  • Gnarls Barkley, "Transformer" - St. Elsewhere
  • The Postal Service, "Such Great Heights" - Give Up
Another repeat? That's 5 so far, and this one is particularly annoying because "Crayons" is the track that leads into "Strawberry Fields", one of my favorite tracks of off GU024, and one of the most-listened-to.

Other than that, there's nothing terribly remarkable about today's ShuffleLog. Except for the fact that there isn't a friggin' new entry in the bunch: 5th entry (6%) from Don't Look Now; 4th entry (4%) from GU024, half of which are "Crayons"; 3rd entry from Stereolab (3%); 4th entry from The Streets (4%); 2nd entry from Gnarls Barkley (2%) and The Postal Service (2%).

Ooooh, and the funny thing is this: I had to manually reconstruct the ShuffleLog today, since the battery ran out when I got to work, preventing me from scrolling back through the tracklist. I know that I'm 90% right about the order, especially the first two and last two. But the middle two...

If I transpose the middle two tracks -- Stereolab and The Streets -- I get a sweet descending progression of frequency:

6% Don't Look Now
4% GU024
4% The Streets
3% Stereolab
2% Gnarls Barkley
2% The Postal Service

Now that would be somethin'.


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