Wednesday, October 18, 2006

ShuffleLog 18-Oct-06: The Hits

First, let me get this out of the way: Happy Birthday, Mom! Not like she reads this, but just in case. You know, save myself a few days in Purgatory and all.

Onward. Interesting little false start this morning. But it was welcome. Started off gritting my teeth this morning anyway, after work ruined an otherwise lovely evening out with Jen and her bro for his birthday. Then, the 25-second "Walk" comes on first thing. Grrrr... Mercifully, my iPod brain-farted immediately, and just stopped playing, defaulting instead to the main menu. Wash, rinse, repeat, and I bring you a ShuffleLog chock full'o'goodies.

ShuffleLog 18-Oct-06
  1. Deaf Center, "Walk" - Don't Look Now (Disk 2)
  2. Way Out West, "Coming Home" - Don't Look Now (Disk 1)
  3. Bloc Party, "Two More Years (Single Version)" - Two More Years - Single
  4. Burufunk, "Global Communication" - GU024: Reykjavik
  5. Tenacious D, "City Hall" - Tenacious D
  6. Pixies, "No. 13 Baby" - Doolittle
OK, so ignore the pseudo-repeat for a second. This actually looks like a playlist that I'd concoct intentionally. "Coming Home" is a great electronica tune, memorable among sometimes background-noise trance. Same thing for "Global Communication": I'd stick it in a playlist to burn for folks anytime. It's got a great sample of dialog from the film Naked, where David Thewlis's character discusses "factual" events that portend the end of the world, leading into a sweet break beat. Note the triumphant return of GU024, a day after I consciously noticed its conspicuous absence.

Also, I'm no MisShapes zombie, but I dig Bloc Party. And say what you will, but Bloc Party's "Two More Years" is a terrific, addictive track that I've purposefully sought out on many occasions, whether standing around waiting for a plane, running, or putting together a playlist at home.

Aside from the 45 seconds of silence toward the end of "City Hall", this is an epic 8+ minute track that focuses on the destruction of modern government, rebuilding it in the image of Tenacious D, and the Machiavellian machinations that lead to their downfall. That's pretty ambitious for JB and KG.

And did I mention the Pixies? All I can say is finally. 186 tracks before we hit a track from Doolittle. Friggin' Christmas comes quicker.


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