Friday, October 13, 2006

ShuffleLog 11-Oct-06: Rollover

I cheated just a little. Not like starting an unjust war on false pretenses. Just a little cheat.

I resumed playing the first track from the previous day. Is that so wrong?

ShuffleLog 11-Oct-06
  1. Party Ben, "SixxMixx 94 - 071505" - SixxMixx
  2. Bloc Party, "So Here We Are" - Silent Alarm
  3. Fugazi v. Destiny's Child, "Independent Room" - SixxMixx
  4. Dosh, "Simple Exercises" - Pure Trash
I'm not counting the 15-Jul-06 SixxMixx as a dupe. I was halfway through it from the previous day, and just let it ride. That's how I roll. But that's 4 SixxMixx tracks in 3 days, in 13 tracks. That's a whole lotta dimp.

Plus, damn, I feel a little dirty with Destiny's Child on my iPod, even though it's mashed up with Fugazi. Wait, that's dirtier.


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