Friday, October 13, 2006

ShuffleLog 10-Oct-06: SixxMixx'ing It Up

So, get this. It's Friday the 13th. Almost exactly 1 month from the time that I began this little atrocity...

...and I didn't listen to jack shit on the way to work today.

Mostly because I friggin' forgot to. I mean, I had to take one of the mutts to the vet this morning (3rd time in a week, checkup for a fractured toe), so I was running late and all. No hangover. Nice, cool, crisp fall day in New York.

I mean, I just forgot. Huh.

Luckily, I've got some backlog to burn. Here, for example, was Tuesday's...

ShuffleLog 10-Oct-06
  1. U2 v. Lyrics Born, "Callin' On Sunday" - SixxMixx
  2. Foo Fighters, "Learn To Fly" - There Is Nothing Left To Lose
  3. Palava, "Surrender (Your Love Breaks Mix)" - Don’t Look Now (Disk 2)
  4. Party Ben, "SixxMixx 94 - 071505" - SixxMixx
Hey, lookee here. Remember all of that complaining about no SixxMixx entries yet? Nothing in 138 songs (22% of all songs on the iPod), despite regular airplay on my part for a while. Now we've got one single SixxMixx track, as well as the 15-Jul-05 30 minute show from Live105 that I downloaded (on my Mac, I've got like 15 of these).

That's why this one is a little short. I just let the bitch play.


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