Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Bonus ShuffleLog 3-Oct-04: ShuffleLog Turns 100

Bonus ShuffleLog, since I commuted home alone (sniff!) yesterday. We hit the 100th song on this one: Stereolab, "Prisoner Of Mars". And two from Massive Attack, who we're seeing tomorrow night. Sadly, the entry from 100th Window was the 101st song. How cool would that have been?

Gotta love the B-Boys persistence, especially since Jen and I are seeing them tonight at the Rational Animal Gimmer Shelter benefit. VIP tickets. It's for the mutts.

ShuffleLog 3-Oct-06 (Part Deux)
  1. Arctic Monkeys, "Still Take You Home" - Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not
  2. The Beastie Boys, "Triple Trouble" - To The 5 Boroughs
  3. Stereolab, "Prisoner Of Mars" - Dots and Loops
  4. Massive Attack, "Future Proof" - 100th Window
  5. The Streets, "Not Addicted" - A Grand Don't Come For Free
  6. Foo Fighters, "No Way Back"- In Your Honor (Disk 1)
  7. Massive Attack, "Mezzanine" - Mezzanine
  8. The Darkness, "Givin' Up" - Permission To Land
So, my buddy Sandy emailed me yesterday, remarking on how these ShuffleLogs have been pretty loaded with tracks that I pimped from him. And it immediately struck me: someone else is reading this crap? Then, something else: all that GU024, Way Out West, and 24:7? I horked it from Sandy. To be fair, we exchanged music, but I came out on the better end, since he dumped his fastidiously collected Global Underground collection in my office one day.

And, once you observe the experiment, you actually affect it's outcome. There's not a single track in this ShuffleLog from a record appropriated from Sandy. Hasn't happened since 21-Sept-06. Almost two weeks ago.

Requests, anyone?


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