Friday, September 22, 2006

ShuffleLog: Now with 100% More

Like most marketing claims, this one's a bit specious. The truth be told, since I mostly commute in the evenings with Jen, I don't listen to music on the way home. Even though Jen's got a staunch refusal to talk on the subway.

But she had a work thing Wednesday evening, and I had to go home solo. The upshot is that there was more music. The downside being that I blew it, and didn't record the ShuffleLog after hockey, losing it yesterday morning.

But I do know this: there were two Clap Your Hands Say Yeah songs, one Beastie Boys song from To The 5 Boroughs, and "Pulse of Life" from Way Out West's Don't Look Now.

That's three in a row for The Beastie Boys...

After a week or so, I'm definitely going to chart and publish a Top 10, and drop some science on it with some real analysis. Because if every song's got a 1 in 613 chance of getting played (0.16%), then the first repeat is gonna be like hitting the lottery. Yeah, the cheap-ass $500 prize on a scratcher, but still, how many times have you hit that?


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