Friday, September 29, 2006

ShuffleLog 28-Sept-06: Prepare For The ShuffleLog

Check your tickets, race fans. We've experienced two out of three mixes of The Lovemakers "Prepare For The Fight" on ShuffleLog.

Technically, that doesn't count as a repeat. But it certainly is a wonder.

ShuffleLog 28-Sept-06
  • The Lovemakers, "Prepare For The Fight (Dummies Club Mix Edit)" - Times of Romance
  • The Beastie Boys, "Beastie Boys" - The Sounds of Science (Disk 1)
  • Bent, "An Ordinary Day" - 24:7 (Disk 2)
  • Tenacious D, "Exposivo" - Tenacious D
  • Gabriel & Dresden, "Dub Horizon" - Bloom (Disk 1)
  • Oakland Faders, "Track 08" - Fader Nation Vol. 1
  • The Streets, "Empty Cans" - A Grand Don't Come For Free
Like friends who don't seem to get the hint when I yawn, turn off the TV, and start brushing my teeth, the Oakland Faders just keep getting another beer from the fridge. Yeah, there are 40 tracks on Fader Nation Vol. 1 (6%), but they now comprise 12% of ShuffleLog tracks. They're running away with it, making even Perfecto Chills Vol. 3 look downright inconspicuous (9%).

Nice to see Gabriel & Dresden finally make an appearance with a track that used to get serious air time. Back when I owned a car.


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