Tuesday, September 26, 2006

ShuffleLog 25-Sept-06: We Have A Winner!

It took 8 ShuffleLogs and 60 tracks, but we finally have it: the $150 Exacta, the $500 scratcher, the double-down on 11.

We have our first repeat. I bet it was the spreadsheet.

Drumroll, please...

ShuffleLog 25-Sept-06
  • Bloc Party, "Banquet" - Silent Alarm
  • Bradley, "Rush (Echo's Wave Dub)" - Tranceport 3
  • Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, "Devil's Waitin'" - Howl
  • Eighty Mile Beach, "There Are No Right Angles Found In Nature" (Thievery Corporation Mix) - Perfecto Chills Vol. 3 (Disk 2)
  • The Streets, "What Is He Thinking" - A Grand Don't Come For Free
  • Oakland Faders, "Track 23" - Fader Nation Vol. 1
  • Danny Howells, "You Can't Go Home Again" - 24:7 (Disk 1)
  • Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, "Howl" - Howl
Yawn. Damn, why couldn't it have been a Beastie Boys track? But still, getting a repeat outta Perfecto Chills, is almost anti-climactic, given its dominance of the ShuffleLog charts of late.

60 tracks. If Sean ever reads this, he'll have to help me determine the odds of a repeat. I mean, yeah, out of 622 tracks (I added Massive Attack's 100th Window over the weekend, all of 9 tracks, since I've got tickets to a Roseland Ballroom show in October), the odds are still .161% of any track coming up.

More analysis after the break. And by break, I mean a business trip to -- get this -- Amarillo, TX. Can't wait for the ShuffleLog for that trip.


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