Wednesday, September 20, 2006

ShuffleLog 20-Sept-06: It's Two-fer...Wednesday...

Had to finish yesterday's ShuffleLog this morning, since I left the damn list of tracks on my desk and couldn't remember them at home last night. So there you have it.

After all of that grousing about The Lovemakers and The Beastie Boys yesterday?

ShuffleLog 20-Sept-06
  • The Beastie Boys, "Pass The Mic" - The Sounds of Science (Disk 1)
  • The Lovemakers, "Prepare For The Fight" - Prepare For The Fight - Single
  • Foo Fighters, "There Goes My Hero" - The Colour and the Shape
  • The Postal Service, "Natural Anthem" - Give Up
  • Massive Attack, "Black Milk" - Mezzanine
  • She Wants Revenge, "Monologue" - She Wants Revenge
Spoooooooky. Top 10 Beasties song in my book, and the track by The Lovemakers that got airplay on Live 105 in San Francisco, which in turn, led me to see them live 3 times in 6 months. Yes, Lisa Light went to Stanfurd, but she was a friggin' marine biologist, so we forgive her.

And it looks like someone knows that I bought tickets to see Massive Attack yesterday. Oh, Hell, who am I kidding?


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