Friday, September 15, 2006

ShuffleLog 15-Sept-06: 2 Is a Significant Sample Size, Right?

OK, we're off to the races. First the ShuffleLog, then the esoteric commentary. I've also realized that I'm already inconsistent with the log format. Which is consistent for me.

ShuffleLog 15-Sept-06
Like William Black in Mallrats, let's take a step back and see if there's a schooner there.

  • What's with the dual Perfecto Chills tracks, back-to-back, like yesterday's back-to-Black?
  • Did AIR come up because yesterday's log included another atmospheric French band, Stereolab?
  • Another track from Danny Howells 24:7?
  • Yesterday I was asking about "Strawberry Fields" from GU24, and got a GU24 track today. Fishy.
  • While I dig The Lovemakers, "Runaway" isn't my favorite from that album, and gets less intentional play than other tracks like "Prepare For The Fight" and its various remixes, "Dance", "Shake That Ass", etc. iTunes counts that stuff.
  • Arcade Fire is the token BRMC from yesterday.
So far, it's looking like I'm averaging 7 tracks a commute. Out of 613, that's 1.1% of available songs to draw from on any given day.

Someone shoot me if this ends up in a spreadsheet. Discuss.


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